Munter Meter

Automatically track Munter factors for your uphill ski days on Strava.


If you have any other questions, post on the Munter Meter Club on Strava.

How does it work?
Whenever you complete a "Backcountry Ski" activity in Strava, Munter Meter breaks down your stats, figures out your Munter factors, and adds them to the description of your activity.
How are my Munter factors calculated?
This website has a great description of the Munter calculation.
How do I disconnect my account?
You can disconnect your account at any time in your Strava app settings.
When can I use Munter Meter?
Munter Meter works for any uphill ski activity! For resort uphill or backcountry days, just set the activity type to "Backcountry Ski", and Munter Meter will work automatically.